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IC shorthand for "No homo" usually typed in parentheses.
I'm really feelin' MF Doom these days. (NH)
by Ken Steele June 01, 2007
As gay as it gets. To be "wild homo" someone or something has to trencend the two previous levels of gayness (suspect, mad gay).
"For instance, my man Jim Jones said 'I'm gonna beat you wit that 'til all the white suff comes out of it!' That's wild homo to tell someone else that. No homo, he ain't tell me that."

by Ken Steele October 16, 2007
The opposite of MIMS.

MIMS is hot. (NH)

To be antiMIMS is to be not (hot).
That deep cut v-neck tee you have on is antiMIMS. Not a hot look at all, son. No homo.
by Ken Steele October 16, 2007

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