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In Sprint Car/Dirt Track racing, a manuever where one car takes the low line around a turn and allows their car to drift or "slide" up in front of a car taking the high line, completing the pass and blocking the overtaken car from crossing over.
AJ executed a perfect slide job on Bobby coming out of turn 4 to take the lead.
by Ken Gman March 06, 2008
Member of the 35th Fighter Squadron/Aircraft Maintenance Unit. Part of the 8th Fighter Wing "Wolf Pack" at Kunsan AB Korea.
Once a Panton, always a Panton.
by Ken Gman March 21, 2008
Military term used to discribe an area on a grid map that a mission planner designates targets to be destroyed. Pilots are usually assigned a kill box when flying strike missions.
2 Iraqi tanks were in Viper 3's kill box, and he blew them to bits.
by Ken Gman March 04, 2008
Arizona slang for an elderly person, usually a snow bird. Recognizable by the cotton on the top and stick body.

Old person who cannot drive for shit.
Damn dude, you almost got ran over by the qtip in the Cadillac.
by Ken Gman March 04, 2008
Anyone who has served time at Kunsan Air Base Korea "Wolf Pack"
You aint been packed til you've been "Wolf Packed"
See how that Sargeant walks, he's been "Wolf Packed"
by Ken Gman February 12, 2008
Elderly person from Sun City. Characterized by wrap around sunglasses and a hat with ear flaps driving a golf cart on public roads.
Never pull out in front of a sun citiot, they will run over you for sure.
by Ken Gman March 06, 2008
Avaition term used explain repair action that involves adjusting a switch that was in the O.F.F. or OFF position. Many pilots confuse this switch position with the "Official" mode of operation.
Discrepancy: IFF inop in OFF mode
Repair Action: Switchology, IFF worked fine in ON mode
by Ken Gman March 06, 2008

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