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A hardened blob of shit attached to anal hairs.
Dingleberry: Male and female nurses in numerous wars have had the job of cleaning up wounded soldiers for surgery. One job is to remove the dingleberries which accumulate when a frontline soldier has no chance of a bath or shower - hence the jocular valediction among members of the Royal Army Medical Corps who have served in the grimmest of campaigns: "Don't let the dingleberries dangle!"
by Ken Creffield February 15, 2007
The study of bullshit, from "tauro" - bull - and "scat" - shit, a very important field of endeavour and one being pursued above all by journalists and psychologist investigating the seamy world of politics, business and publishing
"There's already enough tauroscatology on this thread without adding another layer."
by ken creffield March 14, 2007
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