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Someone, usually a female, who feels the need to one-up the next person. Always striving to be better and never satisfied with their own goals, but always concerned with others feelings. Sometimes letting others come before themself
Mary should not act as such a tahwi if she wishes to get her work done on time.
by ken November 19, 2003
The initial, or beginning part of a cocaine or heroin high when injected or smoked.
What you sometimes get when you stand up to fast after sitting down too long
A feeling in the head sometime accompanied by beels whistles and stars.
Man I almost went under after that hoot. What a rush.
by Ken November 29, 2002
Someone who can't think of anything better to say than "wtwftlmalfmoafmo".
13:44:03 caustik: wtwftlmalfmoafmo
by Ken January 21, 2004
exclamatory: a feeling of euphoria or elation.
Like eureka! or Booyah!
After winning the lottery, Warren shouted "Jerbucci"!
by ken January 24, 2006
to skip first base, and go back afterwards, all within 20 minutes of alone time.
by ken April 23, 2005
1. An extensive educational assisting program at the Oswego High school, where several Fucktards are enrolled.

2. A person enrolled in such a program, often used as an offensive name towards such person.

3. "Resource" in fact is an oxymoron, as one would not resort to a person of resourcefulness under this definition.
Smith, you're such a fucking resource.
by Ken March 29, 2005
A mixture of "nugget" and "babatunde". Used in celebration.
He shouted "Nuggetunde!" when he heard is exam results
by Ken March 09, 2005

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