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adj. awesome
adv. awesomely
thats some daunzerly fried chicken
you fried that chicken daunzerly
by ken January 26, 2005
Yi-Han: a chinese hoe-bag residing in chapel hill...
wow that girl eating chinese sausage is a total yi-han!
by Ken January 08, 2005
A person who will consistently use the Socratic way to make you think his/her way.
Andre was being Silvenswordsman to Aquino to prove to him that he had the bigger penis.
by ken November 30, 2004
A person who thinks they are always right but keeps getting PWNED....
Joshua Got SilvenSwordsman after another man had a bigger penis than him
by ken November 30, 2004
Hair between the males nuts and ass.
I had my broan braded last night because it was getting too long.
by Ken October 25, 2004
the act of shanking someone with a pot. dont know where me and my friends came up with this word.
If you fuck with me bitch, i'll pot-shank you! and then gipin you(look up gipin too).
by ken July 07, 2004
Someone, usually a female, who feels the need to one-up the next person. Always striving to be better and never satisfied with their own goals, but always concerned with others feelings. Sometimes letting others come before themself
Mary should not act as such a tahwi if she wishes to get her work done on time.
by ken November 19, 2003

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