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104 definitions by Ken

A jacked Russian
As long as you never work-out, and you drink a lot of vodka, then you will become a Seva
by Ken October 14, 2003
An extreme women's rights activist.
"Cindy, a Vagithug, castrated the mayor to protest sexism."
by Ken March 16, 2003
The act of writing information about a subject that one has absolutly no knowledge of.
Since I was totally clueless about the topic of my history final, I pencil fucked my way through the essay portion.
by ken May 05, 2005
Happy, in a good mood. Combination of "Perky" and "Chipper"
I'm feeling pipper now that you're here
by Ken May 21, 2003
When "stupid motherfucker" just isn't enough. A person of unlimited stupidity.
Linkin Park is not metal, you fucking asshole. God, you're such a dunderfuck.
by Ken April 19, 2003
synonymous with hot. meaning very frigging attractive.
check out that laudy harlot.
translation.. that lady is very pretty
by ken December 07, 2003
" Have it covered " or Have the situation totally under control
"Man that was a great game of b-ball" " yeah, you were all over it"
by KEN July 27, 2003