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Coke and Code.
When you are up late at night, and not sure what you should do. You grab some coke and then go do some coding, you my friend are a nerd/technical manager!
02:40:11 <chopp3r> uhuh
02:40:23 <chopp3r> am considering coke and code, or bed
02:41:05 <head_rush> Coke and code :)
02:41:06 <head_rush> C&C
by Ken December 08, 2004
The act of injecting drugs.
The place was a freakin' shooting gallery. I walk in and the first thing I see is four or five people fixin' right there in the front room!!
by Ken November 29, 2002
1. haha
2. strange
1. person 1: ouch
person 2: haha!
2. that's funny, i could have sworn there was something in my pants
by ken May 07, 2003
also means dirty, derived from the french word "croté", meaning really dirty. Also, there was this gas station owner named Mr. Crotty who used the carwash as a bathroom. Crotty.
Ewww, that pizza was left in the trunk, now its all crotty.
by Ken August 02, 2004
From the Latin "Nay Talentus Assus Clownius". A whiny or otherwise pathetic person who lacks any prowess in his or her field, also lacking charisma.
eg: Chirs Carrabba
Boy 1: Wow did you see Dashboard Confessional?
Boy 2: No his music makes me puke in my mouth..
Boy1: WHAT?! WHY!?!
Boy 2: Because...he's a NO TALENT ASS CLOWN!
by Ken January 30, 2005
triple c is corciden somthin who gives a fuck, a bunch of retatrds in the world do it alot cause they get there little buzz, but theres 2 things they dont realize, one that dxm kicks farmore ass then they realize because its only really safe to take about 8 to ten triple c's(try taking 700mg of dxm)
two that triple c kills, it will happen like this, "man trippin on triple c isnt as fun as it youst to be, well lets take a couple more than uasal...

later in the hospital or morge "man i shouldnt have done them skittles"
man im dieng...ack

see also "death wish"

suck it up and drink that nasty tasting syrup, far more dxm with far less chance of death.

see www.dextroverse.org
by ken March 08, 2005

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