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Playstation Portable

A mediocre portable hand-held system. It hasn't been out yet, so I can't really judge this very accurately.

So far, there has been a couple of bugs on the PSP. There's one where the UMD disk flies out while you're playing and one where the disk reads error, but it should be fixed when it comes out. It plays graphics equal to the PS1. Also the battery life is EXTREMELY low.

You can play PSP games, music, and videos using Sony Mini-Disks that hold approximately 1.5 GB of space.
If you're going for games, go for DS, and Cloud, you cannot judge portable devices to consoles you fucking idiot.
by Ken January 13, 2005
supreme hoe bag. source: the skankalicious girl who went to East and was a hoe like WHOA
wow that girl wearing a g-string is a total Anubha
by ken December 23, 2004
Wearing clothes that are messy, wrinkled or ripped/torn. Term given to someone who has a "Five O'clock shadow." Also, other name for a homeless person.
"God, I look like a Bag of Doughnuts, I have to shave and iron my clothes."
by Ken December 06, 2003
German word meaning 'super.'
Nietche wrote of the evolution of the uber man.
by Ken December 01, 2002
catalina high schools mascot
trojan man is my schools mascot!
by ken November 17, 2004
Shout signifying then beginning of a free-for-all scramble for some object.
Sean tossed the half eaten apple into the air yelling 'Gushy'. Maire and Pol scrambled desperatly over each other to grab the remains of the apple.
by ken March 26, 2004
originates from vancouver bc, it is the equivalent to true
that's tra, simply tra
by ken December 05, 2004

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