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The absolute lowest form of female human being. A combination of the most bunkest whore/skank/slut /hoe/tramp/cunt/bitch/cock mongrel/dick licking/pole smoking/Anal seeping/cum gargling/smelliest fish wrinkle/trollop imaginable, im talkin, absolute fuckslut.
"I tagged this skunt, it was like fuckin' a bucket of water."

"I Just slammed this skunt she had the slimiest ham wallet"

"hey! you gave me herpes you skunt"

convo i had with a skunt:
me: "hey skunt suck my dick"
skunt: " sure maiiiin"
me: "im not kissing you you're filthy"
skunt: "yes i know, i love cock"
by Kempton Kulp Incorporated July 26, 2006
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