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42 definitions by Kempo

To "PES out" is to partake in a session of the videogame Pro Evolution Soccer.
yo, i'm off now, gonna PES out

time to PES out

i'll be back later, PESing out.
by Kempo August 03, 2006
The procession of cars that gathers behind an incredibly slow car when driving over speed humps.
Sorry I'm late, I was stuck behind a hump procession.
by Kempo September 19, 2012
It means exactly.. without the e! A far cooler way of saying it.

When speaking it aloud, it's pronounced "zack-lee"
Mark: And that is why he's a faggot.
Bill: Xactly.
by Kempo October 30, 2007
A way of describing a meeting between two people turning SEXUAL.
Person A: yea, me and Barbara are meeting, I hope it turns bedroomy.

Person A: So you meeting with Jane tonight?
Person B: Yep, should be cool.
Person A: Oh my god, it's not gonna turn bedroomy is it?!
by Kempo October 08, 2007
EOTF is an acronym for eat off the floor.
Stfu and eotf bitch!
by Kempo January 28, 2008
A mythical, magical hen.. or what happens when you mean to type "too then" but make a mistake.
A: You should spend $100 on her toot hen
A: too then*
by Kempo November 10, 2008
The process of smoking cannabis. Also known as a joint, spliff, bifter, zute and doobie.
Joe: What you doing after lunch?
Kane: Nothing man.
Joe: Wanna come for a chasm?
by Kempo May 10, 2006