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A gay person. Named because of the majority of the male Hollyoaks cast looking gay as fuck.
you're such a hollyoaks boy

that dude over there is a definite hollyoaks boy
by Kempo August 19, 2007
Sometimes you use this as an unintentional pun. This saying is a play on the phrase "bare poor". Can be used to take the piss out of people who use such phrases.
Jeff: Ahhh that's bare poor.
Stranger: You like talking about bear paw?
by Kempo May 16, 2006
a phrase used when you agree with a point or opinion made.
skippy: yea i think we should go to town tonight,
pappy: true to the word.
by Kempo December 13, 2006
When you say an egotistical comment, you null it by saying the term no ego. Used in a similar way to gay comments and no homo.
So yea, I've got a great dress sense, no ego.
by Kempo May 04, 2007
It means exactly.. without the e! A far cooler way of saying it.

When speaking it aloud, it's pronounced "zack-lee"
Mark: And that is why he's a faggot.
Bill: Xactly.
by Kempo October 30, 2007
when someone interupts you mid sentance.
i got butt plugged by Sheady the other day, what a knob.
by Kempo September 27, 2006
A different way of saying the phrase "yourself?". Used in a conversational manner, as a reply.
Person A: How ya doing?
Person B: I'm good thanks, chaself?
by Kempo August 15, 2006
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