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When something is really, really, really good.
Steve: Shiiit mayn, ya heard the new 2Pac album.
John: Yeah mayn, that shit's three thumbs fresh.
by Kempo May 10, 2006
In the film Shawshank Redemption, Andy DuFresne wanted library books, so he sent letters constantly to request the libary books. Then when he request was accepted, he sent more to get even more library books.

To pull an Andy DuFresne is to constantly hassle someone when you want something. Usually in regards to letters, like in the movie, or emails.
Ah yea, those bastards weren't answering my emails so I had to pull an Andy DuFresne on them.
by Kempo November 24, 2007
A description phrase used when talking about sex. Check the examples A & B for more.

The raw can be dragged out for more effect, see example C.
Example A:
Person A: I'd fuck that girl raw stylee.

Example B:
Person A: Ah that girl is fresh.
Person B: Yeah, she'd get it raw stylee.

Example C:
Person A: I'd love to fuck her raaaaaaaaaaaaaw stylee.
by Kempo July 30, 2006
erist is just a suffix, it can be added onto words to create the best.
greaterist (greater than greater)
besterist (better than the best)
by Kempo August 04, 2006
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