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Can be used to describe the vaginal area as juicy/wet. Is best used in conjunction with the word gash.
"Damn! I was tapping some squeamy gash earlier!"
by Kempo April 16, 2006
A shared folder within a school/college network in which three or more users share work to achieve higher grades with minimal effort. When in The Circle of Plagiarism there are certain rules by which you must abide.

#1 - The first rule of The Circle of Plagiarism is, you do not talk about The Circle of Plagiarism.

#2 - The second rule of The Circle of Plagiarism is, you DO NOT talk about The Circle of Plagiarism.

#3 - If someone says stop, goes crazy, finds out, the plagisarism is over.

#4 - Members only to a folder.

#5 - One file at a time.

#6 - No viruses, no spyware.

#7 - Files will stay on as long as they have to.

#8 - If this is your first night at The Circle of Plagiarism, you have to share.

Please note you should always reword all work.
Hey, put that stuff into The Circle of Plagiarism.

Shit, the teacher's coming over, hide The Circle of Plagiarism.
by Kempo May 17, 2006
Where you praise someone excessively to the point of disgust.
Example A:

Kyle: Ohhh I love her so much!
Matt: Oh for fuck sake. Don't turn this into a praisefest.

Example B:

Kyle: Ohhh I love her so much, she's so great, I'd love to kiss her until night falls, and carress her until the morning comes. Love awashes over my body like a river running through a forest, where water is scarce. Oh how much I love her!

by Kempo November 09, 2006
When you get beat severely in some sort of contest. Originated from Mortal Kombat, as when winning a match without receiving a single hit the message on the screen would say "Flawless".
Mike got flawlessed in that rap battle.

I flawlessed the dude who flawlessed you last week.
by Kempo May 07, 2006
When, while not looking, you walk into a lamppost.
*Dave walks into a lamppost*
Mike: Har har, you got lampposted!
by Kempo May 16, 2006
When two people are at opposite ends of a table, width wise, and they take turns (3 each in alternating turns) to knock a penny (Either a 1p or 2p) to the end of the table over the side. When the penny is over the edge of the table the person flicks it up, catches it, spins it on the table, catches it between their fingers, the other person makes a goal, then the person with the penny between their fingers flicks it into the goal. This can go on for however long as you like, or to a certain amount of goals. Usually done during school.
Yo, let's play some penny bashing!
by Kempo May 10, 2006
When a girl you like tells you that she likes someone substantially uglier than yourself.
Ann (Hot): I think I like you!!!
George (Ugly): Yeah I think I like you, but I thought some hot guy liked you.
Ann (Hot): Yeah, but I choose you!

Later that day...
Neil: Shiiit, I got smifed..
by Kempo May 10, 2006

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