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An exceptonally potent strain of marijuana that gives off an odor similar to that of it's name. Don't however, be fooled by the smell into thinking it's shit, as it will send you to Mars and beyond.
Guy #1: Yo' man what chu sellin' today?
Guy #2: I just picked up an ounce of some fire cat piss!
Guy #1: Oh snap, hit me up with an 8th of that shit!
Guy #2: Fuck no, I'm keepin' this shit for myself.
#dank #bud #flame #fire #kitty
by Kemp Disaster January 08, 2006
Official word for any french fry, chip, or finger-sized food that has come into contact with the top surface of a table before being consumed.
Hey man I forgot my lunch, can I have your tabes?
#taybes #taibs #dibs #dubs #dabs
by Kemp Disaster January 08, 2006
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