6 definitions by Kemp

1: A term to defined the pritiest girls in a school.

2: A term used to define the largest bitches ever created.
"Every Guy loves them and every girl wants to be them"
by Kemp January 17, 2005
its great. i like it when their so so very hot and greasy and i can lick it off their bodies. wow. my voice is breaking at the thought of it.

mmm. durex
kemptastic, i like sucking kempino sweets. im so camp, i mean kemp
by kemp January 19, 2005
Small lady with the abiltiy to speak at light speed.

Beware when Drunk!!!!!!!!
"I got my shoes caught in the holes of my fish net tights"
by Kemp January 17, 2005
A fat crack head who dreams of becoming an allstar again, however he never will be.
The fat crack head who said that he'd be an all star again if he gets enough minutes. Actually, this is wrong because he averaged like 6 points per game in a 20 minute per game average. He can't dunk any more anyway.
by Kemp August 12, 2003
Group of gangstas from New york a gang the leader is KEMP an the original three k unit members are funkmasta phil milkyway and Kemp Kemp is known for his dunkin an funkmasta is known for tryin to steal Kemp's hoes and milkyway is known for his balling
Shawn Kemp
by KEMP December 08, 2003
A small creature living, usually huddled in corner swaying.
"Dude Wheres My car..... I don't know dude"
by Kemp January 17, 2005

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