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6 definitions by Kemily

To browse, examine, check out, or look something over
I am going to go padoozle the TV guide to find something to watch
by Kemily January 01, 2005
2 3
A person that does not eat vegetables at all.
I will never eat vegetables, for I am a herbnonvore.
by Kemily April 06, 2003
0 1
A crazy and annoying sibling
Get away from me you littl farfen
by Kemily April 06, 2003
4 8
That's a pile of remely
by Kemily April 06, 2003
5 14
1.noise expelled when the festivities have commenced for the evening. Usually accompanied by dance. (ie drop and or pop)

2. can be used to portray any emotion ever
1.*K Dogg and E Money enter* badada DOM DOM DOM
*party has officially begun*

2. I just got kicked out of school. badada DOM DOM DOM
by Kemily November 17, 2003
4 17
A girl that likes to make out to pass time
by Kemily April 06, 2003
13 47