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To browse, examine, check out, or look something over
I am going to go padoozle the TV guide to find something to watch
by Kemily January 01, 2005
A person that does not eat vegetables at all.
I will never eat vegetables, for I am a herbnonvore.
by Kemily April 06, 2003
A crazy and annoying sibling
Get away from me you littl farfen
by Kemily April 06, 2003
That's a pile of remely
by Kemily April 06, 2003
1.noise expelled when the festivities have commenced for the evening. Usually accompanied by dance. (ie drop and or pop)

2. can be used to portray any emotion ever
1.*K Dogg and E Money enter* badada DOM DOM DOM
*party has officially begun*

2. I just got kicked out of school. badada DOM DOM DOM
by Kemily November 17, 2003
A girl that likes to make out to pass time
by Kemily April 06, 2003
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