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1. The laughing stock of an event, ie. pie marathons
2. Also meaning to chuckle
"He laughed and laughed and laughed; we called him Nago, and he went on to eat a million pies"
by Kemikal October 16, 2003
It is a person born with a congenital heart defect, this in turn causes a loss in blood pressure lowering the size on an erect penis and also causing stupidity by making the brain malfunction.
"Oi Noonen, your mum does bears!"
by Kemikal October 16, 2003
This was devised by a friend of mine as an insult that did not contain a swear word. This could be used in public places with little more than a frown in your direction.
"You better watch your mouth you giant Melon Farmer"
by Kemikal October 16, 2003
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