1 definition by Kelsi Kondash

The most beautiful, and prettiest girl you will ever hear of, or see. She is knows as a good luck charm. If you get on her bad side you won't have ANY good luck! She is VERY popular usually because of older siblings. She has more humor that a clown! She loves to laugh and only dates guys who are loving, caring, and respectful! Whoever gets to date this magic machine is a extremely lucky guy! Eryka's love to party day or night. Nobody can top Eryka's as dancing too! If you mess with an Eryka, she will beat your ass! Eryka's are known to be VERY strong in every way! Eryka's are kind, sweet, and better than any other girl you will ever meet! If you ever spot an Eryka, NEVER EVER EVER let her go! She is the magic of this world! If any girl messes with her, she will show them down easy as that/1 SO NEVER MESS WITH AN ERYKA!!!!!!! (Experience)
"Damn BRO!" "What?" "Look at that Eryka! Shes the best girl i've ever seen!" "Ohh yeah, her. She beat this girl up for bullying her last week!"
by Kelsi Kondash April 07, 2013

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