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7 definitions by Kelshall

A meal that contains two slices of bread and a hearthy addition in the middle of the two slices of bread.
Go in the kitchen and make yoself a sandmich.
by Kelshall March 17, 2008
A Female that has a big fatty, that makes you walk behind her for long distances staring at her behind.
Man I saw this chic the other day and she had a phat ass. I mean dog, she had a walk behind.
by Kelshall March 17, 2008
A term used in Korea that refers to a mixed blood person.
Korean-African American (HONHYOL)
Korean-Caucasian (HONHYOL)
Korean-Chinese (HONHYOL)

by Kelshall March 17, 2008
absolutely not, no way, hell no, not this time sucka.
Telemarketer: Hi sir, can we interest you in a new vacuum cleaner.

Pissed off guy on other line: I have to say the ney no my brotha.
by Kelshall March 17, 2008
no more; not another;
You 'aint getting a nam nother cent from me until you pay me back that loan.

Not a nam nother person better step on my grass.
by Kelshall March 17, 2008
25 cent; a quarter; half of fiddy; 25 inch rims
I need a qwuarter to pay for that soda.
by Kelshall March 17, 2008
It is a circular piece of jewelry that goes on the finger. A circle of some sort. To seriously choke someone, in other words to pull a HOMER, as in Homer choking Bart.
That is a nice rang on yo finger.

I am going to rang yo neck if you don't stop playing with me.
by Kelshall March 19, 2008