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Never Ever Smoke Weed. An easy way to remember a compass.
North, East, South, West. Never Ever Smoke Weed.
by Kelsea June 08, 2005
An amazingly talented gymnast who is extremely attractive and has a bangin' body. He was the American cup champion in 1991 and 2001, and went to the olympics in '96, '00 and '04. He was one of the best athletes in the world of gymnastics.
Blaine Wilson is definitly the hottest gymnast ever!
by kelsea June 17, 2005
One of the first punk rock bands, that is awesome! Although their older albumns are better then their newer stuff, blink is still a very talented and hottttt band.
one of blink 182's best albumns is dude ranch.
by kelsea June 18, 2005

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