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only the most amazing girl you'll ever meet, if you're lucky enough to encounter one.
Jackie "OMG Molly, I'd totally go lesbian for that Kellye over there! "
Molly "Hells Yea me too!"
Farrah "YOOOOOOOOOO that kellye looks JUST LIKE ME!"
Liz "Don't judge me, but I agree"
by Kellye February 13, 2008
When a woman becomes completely sick of men! The belief that all men are harmful to your health, therefore try best to avoid men at all cost.
Kellye: I hate men and want nothing to do with them!
Jenn: Awwww. Dear darling sister, what ever do you mean?
Kellye: I think I might be manorexic!
by Kellye June 17, 2008

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