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v - To always know

If one thinks, one does not already know an answer. And if he thinks, he is not sure of himself. To not have confidence in one's ability to fail. Therefore --- One who thinks, fails. One who Athertons, never fails

N - Someone who always knows

Contridicts "Cognito ergo sum"; Because if someone always knows, he must never think. He who does not think, is not. Therefore --- Atherton does not think, so he must not exist. But he does exist, proven in the physical reality.
Verb -

Jon: "Oh man, Erica jsut asked me out! I didn't even know she liked me!"
Wayne:"Nah, I atherton-ed that. She had been giving sign of it for years."

Noun -

Look at Atherton over there. He's so skilled at soccer. He knows everything about it!!
by Kelly the NAKU February 13, 2011

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