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Possibly the best time period there ever was to live in.
I get nostalgic for the 1980's
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 25, 2005
Someone who uses flashy words and quotes from intellectuals to make them sound a bit more clever than they really are because they don't have original thoughts for themselves.

Also see: pretentious
That bloke thinks he's a nihilith - yet he doesn't know anything.
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 25, 2005
A glory hunter is someone who says that they support whichever football team is at the top of the Premier League.

Often chavs or townies
Manchester United fans
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp May 04, 2004
A mega agressive person who beats up chavs. Usually a goth who wants revenge.

Chav hunters have have been known to operate in small packs and carry weapons. (Nunchuckers and swords being faves.)

The Chav's Bogeyman
Chav 1: Don't hang around McDonalds, I hear the Chav hunter comes here - and if he catches you...
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp July 01, 2005
A non retard who (tries to) keeps retards in check. Characterised by their tight jeans.
Thankfully the 'tards have a Tard Wrangler to clear up their mess....
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 23, 2004
A fear of anything Islamic.
Such as presuming that all islamic chaps are terrorists in training.
Americans have been accused of Islamophobia since the World Trade Centre bombing.
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp May 24, 2004
A car show watched by Chavs and my little sister where a bunch of mechanics make a crappy car look like a tacky car. (Usually by adding something mad / useless like a water fountain.)
Chav 1: Did you watch Pimp My Ride?
Chav 2: Hell yeah, I was lovin' it
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 25, 2005
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