2 definitions by Kelly Eberhard

The ruling female tech geek who keeps track of web servers, dns, hosting and other technical geekiness required to keep her business running on the internet.
Dear Jane,

You're the Domainatrix, why don't you whip that dns web server into shape! How many domains do you own anyway?

John Doe
The Domainator at ExtremeRestraints.com
by Kelly Eberhard April 11, 2008
Male technical geek at a company who keeps track of domain names, dns servers, and anything else geeky related to domains. A domainator's counterpart is the domainatrix.
Dear John,

Why as a Dominator, you should be able to figure out how many domain names I own. Can't you get your own dns servers running.. wait I forgot a domainator keeps them running while a domainatrix keeps them whipped into shape.

The Domainatrix at Jennasloveshop.com
by Kelly Eberhard April 11, 2008

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