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Big Bob is the name of Kelly Clarkson's Ass. (no joke)

One of her friends named her butt 'Big Bob' because it's just so damn big!!
-A Conversation over Kelly Clarkson-

Ashley(Lesbian): Omg....who is that over there??
Emma(Lesbian): Oh, thats Kelly Clarkson.Isn't she just Beautiful??
Ashley: I know that silly!I'm talking about her ass.Oh my gosh....It's...AMAZING!!
Emma: Yeah...Thats Big Bob.A friend of her gave her butt that name.
Ashley: For real?Her hot ass has a name??
Emma: Why don't you go and ask her since you don't believe me....
Ashley: Ok then.

*Ashley walks over to Kelly Clarkson*

Ashley: Excuse me, you're Kelly Clarkson right?
Kelly Clarkson: Yes I am.What can I do for you?
Ashley: Well....my friend told me that your butt had a name....Is it Big Bob?
Kelly Clarkson: Yes, it is.....You came over here to ask me about my butt?
Ashley: Yes....I'm sorry if that was wrong of me...I'll go now...
Kelly Clarkson: No girl, it's fine!....Just like you are...
Ashley: What?
Kelly Clarkson: Uhh...Nothing!See ya! *walks away fast*

*Ashley walks back to Emma*

Emma: So....Was I right?
Ashley: Yes you were....And I think Kelly Clarkson just hit on me...
Emma: WHAT??

*Kelly Clarkson peeks around the corner*

Ashley: Yeah...She said I looked fine.
Emma: *looks at Ashley*.....And you let her get away?!Go get that ass Ashley!!

*Ashley runs to find Kelly Clarkson*

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