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the act of licking an anus
kelly likes tooshie lingus
by kelly January 17, 2004
it means to not hate people and judge then for stuff like dont be bitchy lol
Kid #1: Hey I HATE YOU SON
Kid #2: why you be sippin that hater-ade foo
by Kelly June 04, 2005
Term used to describe someone who is excessively scared or frightened.
Usually used metaphorically.

Also used in Holland, but translated into Dutch.
"He was shitting seven colours."
(He was very frightened.)
by Kelly December 22, 2004
Raising orgasm to an extreme level of anilihating pleasure! The level being that high, as to where oxygen is immensely decreased. Many people make their own "Garrot", which is similar to a noose, so they can perform the one man/woman band!
A pleasure that can ultimately become a sport of the "Russian Roulette" type.
John Benet Ramsey's alleged perpetrator may have used a Garrot when sexually molesting her.
by Kelly February 04, 2004
The act of running a profitable business into the ground by removing the resources and support. Also called the death spiral.
Sorry, but the Lean Management principles say that you are fired.
by Kelly January 05, 2004
to neck, drop or pop ya pills means swallow them
i jus boshed ma pills
by kelly January 27, 2005
"Indie" band originating in England, fronted by British self-proclaimed "musical genius", and general twat, Johnny Bellend.

See also razorshite.
"Razorlight's album is crap, the worst this year."

"That Razorlight with their smarmy frontman can piss right off."

"Not for all the tea in China could I be persuaded to part with my cash to buy their CD."
by Kelly December 23, 2004

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