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describing a guy that is ugly but you want him to think hes hott
(NS Canada)
Jacob is a BEAST!!!

hey you're such a beast

that guy is a beast!
by kelly April 18, 2005
Taking a giant dump, a number two, hence a deuce
Woah...talk about an unload...that dude just threw a deuce.
by Kelly September 13, 2004
or Fuggered, if one is drunk or out of it. Cynthia and Kelly use it a lot
"Cynthia" Kelly, u look fuggered 2nite
by Kelly March 18, 2003
abbreviation for "true that"
person 1: you're cool
person 2: trat
by kelly March 08, 2005
the person you "popped" out of, after she had sexual inter course, and got prego!
Sally had sex with Bob, Bob got Sally pregnant, Sally had a baby, the doctor told the baby , pointing to Sally "thats UR MOM!"
by Kelly April 08, 2003
Country music that has emo lyrics. Or you could just call it a very emo country song.
Janice, Katie and Kelly ILC 1st session '05
Tim Mcgraw sings beautiful but sad chemo songs.
by Kelly February 22, 2005
Adjective of British origin.

Used to describe something.
"The bloody car's gone."

"The bloody dog ate my tea, I should bloody well have the bloody thing put down."
by Kelly December 22, 2004

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