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148 definitions by Kelly

a good word to try and say when your drunk, always with the attitude and energy. u have to have tone! to get it right. come on we're all saying now!
chaaaammmmmmooone mother fucker....heeehee
by kelly November 10, 2003
9 19
Someone who prefers to stick their tounge in the wrong orriface...
Shut up Worm you Butt Nibbler
by Kelly February 05, 2004
3 14
An action that results after viewing or reading something sultry.
Did you see the drummer in that video? *bibble*
by Kelly August 06, 2004
3 15
a very fat person with lots of acne
wow look at that gumple
by kelly March 28, 2004
2 14
taking the 'mick' out of gansters,its now 'cool' to sound sad, adding an edge, lets face it 'cool' is sooo boring now
gee wiz..how cooooolio
by kelly November 10, 2003
8 20
a strange girl that wears scarves and goosebumps shirts.
"why hello there, pickle weasel!"
by Kelly October 03, 2003
5 17
Adjective used to describe something that is exceedingly good. For even greater emphasis, a quanitative/qualitative adjective may precede it.

For added irony, use in situations where any sort sexual connotation is NOT fitting.

Also spelled: sex-cellent
Check out my new ringtone! Its totally sexcellent.

This pine air freshener makes my car smell 1000% sexcellent.

We should all ride down to the show together! That would be sexcellent.
by Kelly April 22, 2005
27 40