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A Male who engages in sexual activities with homosexual men, yet calls himself heterosexual.
Even though everyone thought Patrick only hooked up with girls, he was called Fag Snack behind his back for a reason.
by Kelly October 09, 2003
a guy with "small man syndrome." he is short and needs a huge S.U.V. and muscles and is very cocky. huge asshole. Is called a choad because he has small man syndrome which means he has a short fat penis.
That guy is such a choad.
He was so choady
by Kelly September 29, 2003
A word derived from a social climate and political era that is an epitome.

An epitome (Greek epitemnein—to cut short) is a summary or miniature form, also used as a synonym for embodiment. Many lost documents from the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds survive now only "in epitome" referring to the practice of some later authors (epitomators) who wrote distilled versions of larger works now lost. Reference:The Lorax is arguably Seuss' most controversial work, having been banned in some schools and libraries for its anti-forestry industry content. Word derived: asshat
Lidsville is the epitome of American Politics, where as, asshat characters are potrayed.
Used in sentence: "Those asshat's in the county seat let the ONCELER cut down all the trees," yelled the LORAX.
"Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing."-YODA That Darth Vader is an asshat.
by Kelly June 24, 2007
hott is a guy who's pants you want to get into or sex up every night and day
mike gould daniel johns jesse mccartney
by kelly April 18, 2005
super hott teen. he is gorgeous and he can act and sing and he is sooo cute. star of summerland which is the best show ever!!
me- summerland rocks!
friend- yeah i know
me- jesse is hott
friend- you couldnt be any more right!
by kelly July 11, 2004
3 girls. One Tequilla Bottle. 2 hours. <3
Kelly + Casie + Courtney + Tequilla Extra Gold
by Kelly May 23, 2004
Utter hate or disliking of a cow; pure hate twords beef.
Billy called Jimmy a spiffyboneablow for insulting a cow and its regal majesty.
by Kelly October 20, 2003

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