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Something that gets ppl fighting because somebody say the used is "punk" and somebody else say the used "emo" and I say I dont give a fuck they still kick serious ass!!!
I gave u a example up there!!!! Genres r like labels and ppl should " Put labels on soup cans NOT ppl"
by Kelly April 21, 2005
The lowest of all the lows that anyone can come up with. I defy you to put someone down harder.
My mom is totally dumping all of this shit on me to do today. She's such a cunt. Why, she's actually a diseased afterbirth of a lesbian clusterfuck!
by Kelly February 22, 2005
A retard.
Yo biznatch, that be tardorific n' shit.
by Kelly May 07, 2004
A combination of the words gigantic and enormous, but even better.
OMG it's ginormous
by Kelly February 27, 2004
a saxophone, especially a large size saxophone. (actually, almost any musical instrument that can be played standing up can be referred to as an axe.)
He plays a mean axe.
by Kelly November 18, 2004
Any individual who utters the word fucktard.
"Jesus Christ, I'm such a fucktard."
by kelly November 06, 2004
OMG! teachers and parents would u all just stop worring and chill the frick down i mean they r just bracelets and me and my firends r Pissed off cause u wont let us wear tyhem anymore because of the so called SEXUAL TERMS ! i mean there r ppl who wear them 4 that and i no that but sum of us dont and we want to get our bracelets back and start wearing them again ! its all about FASION . say it with me now F.A.S.H.I.O.N.
Hloy crap u broke my green bracelete now i will have to give u head ! YEAH right i mean let us kids do what ever we want with our bracelets !
by Kelly April 21, 2004
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