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The act of mentally reflecting on the past and the cultural influences of that particular time. One can retroflect on any decade or time that was important or special to them.

The memories and mental images that we have entwined with the cultral influence of that given time.

Retroflection involves the way modern cultural trends reflect those of past times and decades.
While driving down the road, Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion came on the radio and I retroflected back to Prom Night.

Cartoon retroflection causes me to sing the Banana Splits' song "tra la la," while it may cause my older son to sing "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you," and my middle son to sing, "GO GO Power Rangers," and my youngest to sing "Sponge Bob Square Pants.....Sponge Bob...Square Pants!"
by Kellie Ouzts April 19, 2008
Stalking someone throgh the internet using my space, facebook, e-mail, google, etc. . .
Hey, that Joe guy I added to my friends is creepy. He's a space stalker! He left me ten commets yesterday......
by Kellie Ouzts April 19, 2008
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