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21 definitions by Kelley

1)a cake or pastry baked by a male

2)an attractive, preferably slightly thick male
I'm hungry for mancake
by kelley April 20, 2004
16 28
Really Saro, but Saro's actually a word.
How uncool is that?
Saro's cool, and he made up the Spanfrussiscwelshoslovakian in my profile.
Also a puppy.
"How much is that Saro in the window? The one with the waggily tail?"
by Kelley April 10, 2004
1 14
a cat's purr
my cat has a loud motor
by Kelley March 20, 2004
8 23
Verb: to seal up plastic or rubber and allow it to remain flexible.
Googooplex it and it will bounce again.
by Kelley May 04, 2003
16 38
This is another word for a Booty Call. Usually 1 person ends up getting hurt (the female) because her feelings become involved. Its rare for the man to get hurt because most men dont confuse feelings with sex like us women do. If you think you can accept this type of relationship thinking it will evolve into something more later, you are wrong! Expect alot of CLOSING TIME calls. That means the bar is closed and he didnt find anything better so he calls you for booty.
Few and far in between phone calls, usually late at night, and secretive.
by Kelley January 27, 2004
127 157
someone who hits on, or "macks it," to guys or gals often and well
"walter got three girls' numbers in one night! what a mac machine..."
by kelley June 18, 2004
8 42
When a long penis is curved in a boomerrang shaped fashion.
"Wow, you have the nicest rainbow dick i have ever seen. Is there gold on the other side?
by Kelley September 10, 2003
27 72