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21 definitions by Kelley

it's what we call a cigarette, mix between "ciggy" and "smoke".
you wann go have a smiggy?
by Kelley March 19, 2004
the hottest punk band in the world. with the hottest lead singer and guitarist of all the land...JEREMY=)..umm kelleys the hot groupie!! and its the best!!! BUY OUR CDS!!!!!!!
have you heard of the greenhouse riots new cd naked parade?
I love me too!!
by kelley January 22, 2004
also known as feededeeded and pi kappa E-frat. comes from the latin word "efratdisiac" which translates as "dayam"
hooooooooot diggidy efrat
by kelley December 08, 2004

Comes from me.
"Gawd, what a Baram."
by Kelley April 09, 2004
A huge giraffe.
Hates people who spell it without the periods, WHOOPS.
He's crazy and psycho, but awesomely cool.
Has a mean streak, but can be nice.
"Please do not feed the CTGs, they are known to attack."
by Kelley April 09, 2004
A guy who likes pie a bit too much.
He's insane and superly cool.

Comes from me.
A person who is Panda, would say something like:
"Oh...Sweet pie....Why have you forsaken me, in your crust forsaken me...? Why....? Oh....Pie...."
by Kelley April 09, 2004
Bang Dem Shits. Carpentry slang for "pound some nails".
We are behind schedule so we really gotta go bang dem shits today.
by Kelley March 20, 2004