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Though some actually make sense, most do not. Typically, a ranter is someone who beats the crap out of something or someone else for either a)making fun of something or b) not living up to their personal standards.
These people have a tendancy to point out that other people against their beliefs and thoughts are uneducated, in the meanwhile mispelling the crap out of their words; like the ever popular 'your',and 'you're'. If you're lucky, you'll see the occasional 'are' and 'our' mistake, but thats rare game. If you are reading an article/post/comment or any other type of expression on the internet whose author meets the standards of an illeterate pile of doo-doo that is pulling the "Oh, come OOOOON" whine fest, please let them know that no body cares and they should "keep their day job", or if its really bad "find a day job".
Thank you.
Keep in mind: not all ranters are bad, some actually "rant" about something appropriate. I leave it in your hands to lable a rant as appropriate or not and to take care of it if need be.
Ranter 1: Your all a bunch of wannabe haterz that dont kno to keep there thoughts to themselves because my artsy friends are where itz at yo.

Ranter 2:-insert stereotype- people are original and anyone against them should take there heads out of they're buts and get and uducation.
by Kelland March 14, 2008

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