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A guy who can't get a girl because all of them decide to claim him as a best friend. Every chick claims he's attractive, but every chick says there is someone out there for him. Probably not though.
Girl: This is my best friend Kell
Kell: Well I wanted to get on, but I'm obviously a diamond.
by Kell Lee October 09, 2009
When a woman decides to make a guy his best friend under one of these circumstances.

1. The guy likes her and she doesnt want to hurt his feelings. So she makes him her best friend as an effort to keep him from trying to sleep with her.

2. The woman and the dude are casual sex buddies.

Note: this only applies if the two are not actualy best friends.
Best Friend Paradox Version 1
Dude: I love you.
Chick: Awwww I love you too. You're my best friend.
Dude: Damn.

Version 2
Chick 2: Hey best friend. What are you doing tonight?
Dude 2: You.
by Kell Lee October 17, 2009

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