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1. Of or relating to a constant quirky state of being. 2. Marked by an existentialist point of view: Many religious people do not agree with the broesque state of mind due to its uniqueness and isolation of an individual. 3. Often implied as obtaining an outgoing often powerful personality. 4. Addresses nature and the purpose of human existence belief that people are “created” by experiences they undergo; you create your surroundings by the choices you make throughout your life. 5. Often sarcastic; tauntingly contemptuous: The student is often attempts to be broesque with his teacher, always finding a detention in his future when exemplifying the quality.

Chris McCandless and his powerful thoughts on our ignorant society and pathetic world of pop culture, an extremely intense young man captivated by the writings of Thoreau, Emerson, and Tolstoy est. – truly a Broesqu figure

“Envy is ignorance, that imitation is suicide; Trust thyself every heart vibrates to that iron string.” – Broesque constant state of mind.

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe has somewhat of a resemblance to a Broesque life; consumed by the past. The raven symbolizes his sub consciousness, trying to send him a message that this pain and misery in which he has deluded himself to, will never go away. Part of the Broesque life was victim to a tragic life changing experience that has shaped her life; and for a while the experience defined her until she later discovered it was only a little part of her that made her who she was today. Broesque in the way that people are created by experiences they undergo.
by KelcieWalkerBriiiiiiiizok March 05, 2009

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