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A widespread type of debate in high school; one of three debate styles used by the NFL. Two teams of two students debate a resolution which is announced in the summer, and lasts for a year. Any educational value of the debate is immediately lost when when impossible impact scenarios become the basis of one teams case. While some teams make the effort to make the debate educational and realistic, the vast majority of debates spiral into a battle to prove which plan is most likely to result in nuclear holocaust. Also known as:Mental Masturbation.
Debate Coach: "I just judged a policy debate."
Debater: "Yeah? What happened?"
Debate Coach: "Well, in the 1st Neg constructive they claimed that the aff's plan would result in Nuclear Holocaust and diseases brought by Aliens. I lost focus and began doodling on the ballot. I hate judging policy debate."
by KeizerSoze7015 July 09, 2009

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