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A crazy homosexual. A combination of Psychopath and homosexual.
That guy just robbed a bank wearing a pink tu tu...fucking crazy homopath
by KeiraC June 17, 2008
A state of mind caused by performing heedious duties for a prolonged period of time. Has been known to cause episodes of ‘Hulking-out’ hulk outcrying fits, laughing fits, and the urge to punch oneself in the face repetitively.
I’m in a state of Heedium! My boss is making me do this mind-numbing shit again!! It's so boring it hurts!
by KeiraC June 19, 2008
A lengthy conversation or email about something so boring it causes attention deficit disorder, and/or narcolepsy due to extreme disinterest.
Oh geez, that guy likes to tell me all the details of his boring work issues from start to finish - what a Snoozery !
by KeiraC November 11, 2008
The sound your fat makes when you run fast or the wind blows. When the fat flaps and rolls on one’s body move independently from the body. Usually in rapid circular movements.

Alternate: To feel the fat on your body expanding so much that it feels like a tub of butter
I heard my fat futter in the wind as I was running toward the hot dog truck.
by KeiraC June 19, 2008

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