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Usually meaning the yummy pie like dinner snack, but is begening to be a sensation for weed somkers to use as "code word".
Tanner & Dominic are going to eat pizza every day for three months....
Pot heads!!!
by Keira <3 May 19, 2008
A word used by gay fags such as Clayton, but meaning Gay Kinky Butt Sex :)
Or in an AWESOME sence... meaning CrAzY sex in the shower with Keira & Ryan :]
Clayton wishes he could share an apple core with my man, but that is just a wish!!

Keira reallyyyyy wants to share an apple core with Ryan!
by Keira <3 May 18, 2008
An Uhhhhhhmazing girl, who is in love with an even more Uhhhhhhmazing guy.

& a ryan.... is just the most perfect boyfriend a girl could want!!
A perfect couple.
Woa, that keira is seriously in love with that ryan
by Keira <3 May 19, 2008
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