16 definitions by Kei

1) Short, hyper, nunchaku-wielding Final Fantasy VIII character. Who likes trains.

2) Me.
1) My favorite character is Selphie!

2) I *am* Selphie. I like trains!
by Kei October 17, 2003
(n.) Japn. Japanese loan words; Terms borrowed from foreign languages, predominantly English, that are pronounced in the Japanese language syntax. In US, most commonly used in fanboy/fangirl communities in a highly redundant manner.
"Pinku ( That's j4p4n33s3 for PINK! OMG KAWAII! >^.^<"
Translation: "pinku (that's Japanese for Pink! Oh my god, kawaii *cat smiley face*"

See: Engrish.com, pidgin Japanese, Xanga.com
by Kei August 04, 2004
One who worships the toaster
She is a toasteritarian
by Kei October 17, 2003
1. (adj.) Garaigo term for "pink". Common term in use in the fanboy/fangirl community.
"Pinku ( That's j4p4n33s3 for PINK! OMG KAWAII! >^.^<"
See otaku.
by Kei August 04, 2004
really; a lot (of New England origins)

synonymous to 'hecka' from California
That party was wicked cool.
by Kei October 17, 2003
Man of Mystery. The one who will always defeat the undefeatable
I'll get you someday Gai!
by Kei June 08, 2003
(n.) (conj.) An adolescent male obsessed who perceives Japanese culture through anime, manga, video games, and other exported popular Japanese media. Usually first-year high school Japanese language student. Known to intersperse basic Japanese and garaigo with English in short, exclamated sentences. Characterized by a gullible ideological fanaticism towards the Japanese culture and people.
by Kei August 04, 2004
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