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16 definitions by Kei

1) Short, hyper, nunchaku-wielding Final Fantasy VIII character. Who likes trains.

2) Me.
1) My favorite character is Selphie!

2) I *am* Selphie. I like trains!
by Kei October 17, 2003
28 19
(n.) Japn. Japanese loan words; Terms borrowed from foreign languages, predominantly English, that are pronounced in the Japanese language syntax. In US, most commonly used in fanboy/fangirl communities in a highly redundant manner.
"Pinku ( That's j4p4n33s3 for PINK! OMG KAWAII! >^.^<"
Translation: "pinku (that's Japanese for Pink! Oh my god, kawaii *cat smiley face*"

See: Engrish.com, pidgin Japanese, Xanga.com
by Kei August 04, 2004
39 33
One who worships the toaster
She is a toasteritarian
by Kei October 17, 2003
2 3
1. (adj.) Garaigo term for "pink". Common term in use in the fanboy/fangirl community.
"Pinku ( That's j4p4n33s3 for PINK! OMG KAWAII! >^.^<"
See otaku.
by Kei August 04, 2004
9 12
Man of Mystery. The one who will always defeat the undefeatable
I'll get you someday Gai!
by Kei June 08, 2003
3 6
really; a lot (of New England origins)

synonymous to 'hecka' from California
That party was wicked cool.
by Kei October 17, 2003
4 8
(n.) (conj.) An adolescent male obsessed who perceives Japanese culture through anime, manga, video games, and other exported popular Japanese media. Usually first-year high school Japanese language student. Known to intersperse basic Japanese and garaigo with English in short, exclamated sentences. Characterized by a gullible ideological fanaticism towards the Japanese culture and people.
by Kei August 04, 2004
5 15