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A word taken from the hit film 'Hook' in which dejan and fred went psycho and killed bare people. Commonly used in South London.
It is pronounced in a gruff, deep voice, practically just breathing heavily its so gruff. Said for roughly 8 seconds.
There are many variations.
When Dejan grows up he wants to be a Cooooooooooook. said in Hooooooooook voice.

My favourite Star Wars characters are the Woooooooookies.

My favourite soap which doesnt exist anymore is Broooooook (side).
by Keherish October 22, 2006
Literally means: I just do't give a fuck, dont give a fuck, dont give a fuck etc. Turned into Fuss Dont Givva through extended use, usually said in a meaty,in yer face style, with plenty of saliva and lip movement. Inspiration comes from various shit rap songs.
Fred/ Harry/ Dejan/ Aidan: Shit! Mr. Kingman gave me a B for my essay on "Little Things".

Tom: Fuss Don't Givva Fuss Don't Givva Fuss Don't Givva Fuss... etc
by Keherish October 23, 2006
Cheese slang. It is used to multiply the effect of an instance of great anguish/annoyance to the person receiving the 'Ehhrrr...'. The person dealing the 'Ehhhrrr...' points his finger at the unfortunate victim, possibly shaking it with great vigour. 'Ehhhrrr...' sounds exactly as it is spelt, similar in pronounciation to the word 'Air'. It first originated from the 'Basil Brush Show', used by Basil when a joke not worthy of a laugh hapenned.
*Man slips on banana skin placed on floor deliberately by the person about to administer the 'Ehhrrr...', impaling his rectum on a rusty pipe*

by Keherish October 22, 2006
Alleyn's School Slang. Originated in a dissing battle between Nate G (touch him you die) and Alfstaz (stazzy b). It is used in attempts to irritate, anger or hit back at comments made by the other person in a dissin battle. Nate, losing the dissing battle, resorted to saying "Fuck you!" in a high pitched tone, thus somehow turning into "Pa You!" through many repetitions of the story. "fuck your mama" was also another diss utilised by Nate, thus creating "Pa your Mama"!
Mathasy: Hey nate, your dad is a codfish!
Nate: Pa you!
by Keherish October 23, 2006
Used in instances of great displeasure or disagreement between two parties.
Irish: Hey Ed, u wanna go and play Warhammer at my house?
Ed: oh Naaaaar Bruv
by Keherish October 22, 2006
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