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This blonde Polish dude I've known since the second grade and have shared almost every class with ever since. Named most intelligent male for middle school superlatives. Plays soccer. Is a realist, and sometimes it seems to make him a pessimist. Sometimes predictable? Tall. Technologically inclined. Is, surprisingly, on student council.
Teacher: Aw, man! The computer's not working :(.
Class: KAMIL!!!
by Kegrada September 05, 2012
The best friend anyone could ever have in the history of friendships. Super-brilliant! Has a great talent of being very very creative. Lovely laugh, and you'll find out that 95% of the time you're laughing with her. You just want to spend the whole day with her. Has a wonderful sense of humor. Absolutely loves CHUCK NORRIS. Clucks like a rooster. Is in drumline, but used to "play" the saxophone. Is skilled in the art of writing lyrics and singing. A leader. On the inside she might be cowering but outside she is confident and holds her head up high. Has a very admirable personality. Someone you will never ever de-friend.
Student 1: Who's this "Christiana" you speak of?
Student 2: Oh, just* a friend of mine.

*Just...my favorite friend in the whole wide world, just the best person I've ever met, just my favorite personality, just the maker of the best jokes, just one who shines like a star.
by Kegrada September 05, 2012

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