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When one is past the point of inebriation, the pupil will dilate a substantial amount, thus resembling the eyes of a shark.

Shark eyes are an indicator of the loss of good judgment, sense of surroundings, and morality.

One the eye of the shark is upon you, horrible and unspeakable things will happen. Coined by the EFVC.
"I'd advise everyone to stay away from Zach, he's got shark eyes!"
by Keets Reese August 15, 2008
Combination of slum and house.
A Slouse is a place of ill repute where the failures of life reside as one unit. Shame and honor are popular emotions that Slouse dwellers experience.

Coined by the group EFVC in 2008.
"I went to the Slouse the other day and lost my cell phone, pants, and dignity."
by Keets Reese August 15, 2008
Stands for Easy Friend Viking Crew.

A small but rowdy bunch from Upstate NY with a collective sick sense of humor and drinking problem. The EFVC currently rolls about 30 deep.
They are the creators of the terms Slouse and shark eyes.

The EFVC are well-known to participate in challenges, usually involving drinking or brute strength. It is far better to befriend the Crew, for any one on their bad side must endure countless moments of emotional abuse and mockery.
"Those kids from the EFVC are exactly what's wrong with the youth of today."
by Keets Reese August 15, 2008
A piece of shit movie directed by Uwe Boll.

Originated by movie blog FilmDrunk.
"Did you hear that the new Boll Movement will star Luke Perry?"
by Keets Reese January 20, 2009

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