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Also known as "The Scarecrow," and "The Mystical One," Lord Infamous was a long-time member of the original Triple 6 Mafia, which he co-founded with half-brother DJ Paul down in Memphis, Tennessee back in the early 1990's. Back then, him, his brother Paul and friend Juicy J, along with a collection of other local rap talent began recording underground tapes and peddling them throughout the city, becoming a regional success. Lord and his brother Paul were intensly into horrorcore music, which was their way of making their music stand out. At this stage of his career, The Scarecrow was well known for his complex, mystifying, vivid, and brutal lyrics along with his hypnotizing, tounge-twisting delivery, which complemented Paul & Juicy's bass heavy beats filled with horror-movie type background music. The Scarecrow is considered by many to be the greatest rapper ever to emerge from Memphis, is a living legend throughout the city, and to his tremendous cult following which expands world-wide. He is featured on classic underground albums such as "Come With Me to Hell" Part I and II, and "The Serial Killers," which were collaborations with his brother Paul. He also released a solo album entitled Lord Of Terror back in 1994, and has made an appearance on most everyone of Triple 6's early underground releases. The Scarecrow played a leading role in shaping the group's dark image, and helping spread the groups music by word of mouth thanks to his legendary flows. Due to legal troubles and bad personal decisions, Lord Infamous has spent the better part of Three 6 Mafia's rise to commercial fame behind bars for various offenses. However, he is rumored to make an appearance on the up-comming Three 6 Mafia album "Last 2 Walk." In the meantime, he recently released his first solo album in over 13 years, entitled "The Man, The Myth, The Legacy, in which he stays true to his dark, complex, and thought-provoking lyrics, and returns to his tounge twisting delivery, a welcome commodity among his loyal fanbase. Lord Infamous is well respected throughout his hometown and the mid-south, former Triple 6 rapper Playa Fly once referred to Scarecrow as "cooler than a fan" on a Three 6 Mafia diss track. Lord's brand of rap is quite refreshing, since his lyrics tend not to focus on materialistic topics, or boasts of how much dope he has sold, as most of todays so called "lyricists" are prone to.
schitzophrenic Scarecrow, bloody battle ax/
bash him in his cataracts, feed him to my alley rats/
yeah ho its like that, fuck you you don't like it/
shoot that trick, i need a cigarette, give me a light bitch/

(sample from verse 2 of "Murder on the Menu," featured on the Lord Infamous solo album "Lord of Terror"
by Keepin' it Pimpin' November 23, 2007
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