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Also "Cidolfas Orlandu," named for the character in Final Fantasy Tactics. Any figure or player considered to be extremely unbalancing, to the point that his very existence could almost be considered cheating. A one-man army capable of walking up to just about any enemy and tearing a new terminal end in said enemy's alimentary canal.
Did you see that?! He just went all Cidolfas Orlandu on that sucker! The guy never stood a chance!
by Keepin' It Real April 04, 2004
1) General: The main antagonist of Final Fantasy VI. Has a propensity to wear flamboyant clothing, spout witty one-liners, laugh maniacally and commit random, indiscriminate acts of homicidal mania.
Detailed: Full name Kefka (originally Cefca) Palazzo. A magic-imbued military leader for the Gestahl Empire who plays by his own rules, which typically involve using methods that blatantly defy the Geneva Convention. Is extremely sharp-witted, displaying a crazed theatricalism emphasized by extravagant (and somewhat campy) gestures and mannerisms. Psychological profiling would show his mindset to be predominantly nihilistic, which would explain his amusement/fascination with death and destruction.

2) Any person who seems to enjoy wreaking absolute havoc in an almost childlike manner, typically a player of a multiplayer first-person shooter or MMORPG displaying such tendencies. Synonymous with smacktard in some contexts.
1) Kefka's outrageous antics may portray him as one not to be taken seriously at first, but time and again, he'll do things that make Pennywise look pound-foolish!

2) I hope Kefka over there doesn't decide to go on another one of his spontaneous team-killing sprees.
by Keepin' It Real March 28, 2004
Any misguided individual who is in blatant denial and/or so completely deluded as to be completely beyond reasoning with. Sometimes used to address just any hapless individual.
Statement: "I don't care what anyone says! I'm still right!"

Response: "Yeah... You just keep telling yourself that, Skippy."
by Keepin' It Real July 11, 2004

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