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The most perfectly formed being ever put upon the face of the earth. A master of all tasks and video game king of the universe. A grumpy baby when sleepy but still cute as f%#@!!
Commonly known for his amount of good luck (due to his super hot girlfriend). Owner of the most beautiful blue eyes..that can make one melt if stared directly into. Possessor of the worlds softest, most amazing hair that anyone could ever run their fingers through. Holder of keys (lol) and a smile that would make any girl blush. The most caring, faithful, loving boyfriend known to man. Gives his whole heart to the one he loves and makes them feel like the most beautiful and special person in the world. An all around terrific, intelligent, superb, awe-inspiring,phenomenal boy ever created. Everything any girl could ever ask for. A soul mate. A true love. Owner of a science vessel that would make Captain Picard supah Jealous. A gobber. A hottie. A sweetie. A BEBE.
Cute Joshua
by Keeper-of-the-hairspray February 11, 2010

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