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2 definitions by Keeper of the family tree

Gopher Boy is the pooner child of Ben leonard, Itchy and a goat or an unemployed music untalent Jack michealson and a lama. This strange creature has a golden singing voice, is well hung, incredibly small and has buck teeth.
hay how are you gopher boy.
by Keeper of the family tree September 09, 2004
Mangus is the father of Rangus and pooner child of Angus oke. The Mangus is a disturbingly hideous creature who enjoys th efine arts of shizen sex that involves pinch a loafs with the the utter. He is also the author of him and utters own kinky sex manual with all their favourite fetish positions. This book is called the uttersutra. The only way to be cleansed after seeing Mangus is ritual suicide where the infected individual must empale themselves horizontally on a church steeple.
I just saw Mangus where is the closest church.
by Keeper of the family tree September 09, 2004