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The act of loving someone like a banana.
"Alison, I banana love you"

"I banana love you too"
by Keelie Bear October 04, 2008
Idiots way of saying tweezers
"twissers are twissers"
"they are things you use to pluck hairs with"
by Keelie Bear January 27, 2009
1) Another name for Ladybug
2) Keelie Bug
"I caught a dilly bug"
"I ate a dilly bug for dinner because I'm poor and have no money so I eat bugs"
by Keelie Bear January 27, 2009
A prawn and lobster combo

"I don't want a scampi.. GIVE ME A PROBSTER"
by Keelie Bear January 27, 2009
The act wherein at least two parties believe an individuals musical taste supercedes another and counts down on the cd display to replace anothers selection. Violence is commonly associated with stereo wars please see prison rules
"Keelie has maintained Madonna's Erotica album is worthy of an entire listen from beginning to end. Skye uses elbows to remove Keelie from cd loading area to insert Bee Gees Best of loading staying alive"

"Jimbo: STEREO WARS!!!!"
by Keelie Bear February 24, 2009
The natural assumption that ones own musical taste via iPod is superior to another's in an environment where upon musical choice is required.
"Keelie attaches her pod to a stereo playing minge whinge and Skye removes pod and replaces with nasty beats"

"That is some serious iPoditude there"
by Keelie Bear February 24, 2009
Name given to people who are dumbfucks
"the doughie in my class held everyone back by 4 hours because it couldn't locate the any key"
by Keelie Bear January 27, 2009

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