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Big Fuckin' Titties Hell Yeah. An expression used to describe some big fucking titties, or used as an expletive. This may also take place after the mention of n00dz. (May also be unabbreviated.)
"That girl on indiefucks had some BFTHY!"
#boobs #titties #fuckin' #hell yeah #tig ol' bitties #boobies #knockers
by Keeley January 24, 2006
Something an excited stoner says
"Hot Diggity Dank, Acid rules!!!!"
by keeley October 10, 2001
to go on a brigade through norm-town and lay the freak on the norms
"Me and Windsong went on a mad freak-out through mainstreat and we sacked it to the norms!"
by keeley October 10, 2001
person who bites their finger nails too much
wow, your hands are bleeding you pudchizzer!
by Keeley October 10, 2001
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