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1. Large yellow vehicle used to transport children from home to school.

2. Large 60 mph playground driven by a redneck where kids try to show off how cool they are by shouting cuss words as loud as they can and making fart noises.
Kid 1: Hey did you hear Ricky on the school bus?
Kid 2: Yeah. He shouted,"fuck shit pussy asshole motherfucker dick penis gay cum vagina faggot bitch face!!!" It was FUCKIN hilarious!
by Keegan Sweett July 12, 2008
1. Waste from an organism in a solid form (may also be liquid; e.g. diharrea)petruding from the rectum (or asshole) in most mammals.

2. A most commonly used word in today's society as a subsitute for shit(a curse word in the english language).
My cousin told me to write a definition for crap on urban dictionary. I had nothing better to do.
by Keegan Sweett July 12, 2008

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